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Personalized financial plan

Whether it is a retirement plan or simply a financial plan to guide you throughout your younger years as well as your elder years we can help you attain your goals. Through our detailed approach to financial planning we will take a look at our client’s RRSP, employer pensions, government pensions, TFSA, investments accounts, corporate accounts (holdings) to form an extensive and accurate financial plan.

Managing your investments

Expert advice and portfolio management is key to your financial future. We will work with you to understand your risk tolerance, determine the right asset allocation and implement your portfolio strategy. Once this is determined, it’s important to review your portfolio on a regular basis to stay on top of evolving changes in your life and in the market.

We meet with portfolio manager experts on a monthly basis to go in depth about short, medium and long term expectations regarding financial markets. May it be about geographic diversification, market cycles, currencies, they all have an impact on your investments. We will implement the right strategies and communicate them to you in a simple and fluid manner.

Insurance and annuity

Your financial health is important to us! You have put time and effort into building your wealth. Your assets and assets not only represent wealth, but also your security of mind and the opportunity to realize your life projects. If you have a newborn, are buying a new home, are self-employed or are just looking for a way to protect your family in the event of an accident, then life insurance will definitely be one of your priorities .

The importance of life insurance :
· Covers your financial commitments
· Allows your family to maintain their standard of living
· Covers the various expenses related to a death
· Allows you to leave an inheritance
· Ensures the continuity of your company
· Complete life insurance offered by your employer

Estate planning

Having a well thought out estate plan can help to ensure that your assets are distributed tax-efficiently, without unnecessary delays and according to your wishes.

Our trust and estate professionals are knowledgeable about tax implications and interpersonal relationships. They can help you manage the key components of your estate plan including your will, powers of attorney, trust administration, corporate executorships, and the disposition and settlement of your estate.

Do you feel concerned?
Do you intend to bequeath all your estate to your heirs?
Do you plan to send your property to charities?
Have you thought about the tax implications or consequences of your choices?
Are you worried about leaving a tax burden on your family?

Tax minimization

From growing your assets, to managing them in retirement, taxes can have a meaningful effect on your financial picture. Through our tax planning services, we will work closely with you and your chosen tax professional to incorporate tax planning into your overall wealth plan.

Together we can explore investment options to minimize taxable investment income and take maximum advantage of tax-deferred savings. We can also advise you on trusts and other estate planning strategies to maximize the assets your beneficiaries will inherit.

Additional services

Accountant/Tax Specialist
Mortgage Broker
Collective Insurance